Foundation Philosophy of ‘Art Meets Care’

-Opening Horizon of New Intellect and Beauty-

Among the unprecedented changes of our society, the fields of medicine, welfare, education, and community that are intrinsic to support and cherish the life of human beings are facing great change in the modern era. For the Age of Care when humans seek to be truly human, a lot of questions have been proposed: What is the quality of life? How do we enhance it? What is genuine happiness? How can we live a wealthy life? In the fields of art, people have begun to reflect on how art should be considered from now, not as a privilege, but something common and necessary to people.

herefore, many activities of art as a way of life are being tried and promoted beyond the boundary of usual art’ meaning in order to find the new role of art in the fields of medicine, the aesthetics of the elderly, the welfare of community, the creative potential in the disadvantaged, the omnipotent healing power of nature, and the advanced technology appropriate for caring.

The implementation of art in the reality of care has proved to be necessary for the recovery of imaginative power and vital energy, and relies on the possibilities of art to revitalize human sensitivity and feeling in society as a whole. However, the actualization of art so far has not found an appropriate place for generalizing each activity into a concept to enlighten social significance or ideals.

In consequence, we have agreed to establish the conference, Art Meets Care, not only as a venue to discuss human life and the role of art in caring, but also a network efficient enough to activate the potential in art and regain the wholesomeness of human dignity.

This conference aims to integrate practice and research beyond the framework of academic scholars and actual practitioners, in an essential and concrete way to exclusively bring about flexible knowledge and versatile intellect embedded in the creative sense.

Through interdisciplinary thinking across literature, sociology, and natural science, we are pursuing a total system which can offer an artistic solution to society and a creativity for each person to freely make his or her own narrative world. At the same time, we are eager to consider how to regain the holistic humanity in the individual, and to fulfill a living entity by blooming accomplishment.

By questioning the kind of meaning that art gives to our lives and the role art can play in our future, and by probing expectations of a kind of intellect compatible with supple sensibility, we envision a new horizon of new knowledge and aesthetics leading to a society of amenity and a culture of healing.